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Start your business in our global community

Why Us

BAANDA helps small businesses flourish by providing end-to-end solutions


BAANDA enables users to co-create and join multiple communities

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BAANDA supports the success and growth of cooperative businesses.

BAANDA will adapt to your needs over time

About Us


Baanda is a comprehensive software platform that harnesses the power of community to provide small businesses with an enhanced and umbrella application for managing their finances, scheduling staff, booking services, selling and marketing products, and much more, all in a simple, cohesive design. It integrates various standalone software, such as accounting, inventory management, scheduling, storefront/catalog management, service handling, and marketing campaigns, into one convenient solution, offering end-to-end information services for small businesses at a fraction of the cost they would pay for separate software that often don't communicate with each other. Baanda provides a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for small businesses.

BAANDA aims to improve people's lives.


Broadcasting Tool

Effortlessly automate your customer communication by sending emails and text messages to both current and potential clients. Enhance engagement, cultivate leads, and drive sales with ease.

Recurring Subscriptions

Simplify your subscription management with Baanda. Effortlessly configure recurring billing and shipping through our user-friendly dashboard."


Our education platform is designed with a forward-thinking approach to meet the needs of future generations. We aim to deliver a comprehensive solution that includes all necessary tools and services for creating and delivering interactive eLearning experiences.


As a business owner, you have the option to arrange both local and long-distance deliveries for any item. If you're seeking a flexible job opportunity, consider starting your own delivery company or becoming a member of a delivery hub, where you can collaborate with local merchants.


The Baanda chat platform offers support for various types of communication structures, including one-to-one private chats and group chats with a maximum capacity of 100 members.


Baanda will implement a bidirectional review system, allowing both customers and merchants to provide feedback. The reviews will encompass multiple aspects, offering a comprehensive overview of each category and reflecting the overall sentiment.

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2019 Semifinalist
Most Fundable Company


2021 Semifinalist
American Made Solar Prize Software Track

Awards & Recognition

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