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  • Baanda assists in micro funding a group of women to start a co-op   business in Bangladesh.

  • A co-living group in Barcelona forges an agreement facilitated by Baanda.

  • Baanda enables crowdfunding for an aspiring young baker in Kenya.

  • A startup in Los Angeles uses Baanda to create a contract among five co-founders.


Meet The Team

Our team is an energized and diverse band of rebels, who intend to disrupt the prevailing centralized authority-based socio-economy geared for the wellbeing of few and usher in a distributed global socio-economy for the wellbeing of many.

We are a flat organization.

Sarbojit Mukherjee

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Founder | Architect

Gabrielle Mittelbach

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Business & Operations

Brigid Abreu

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Manjunath Reddy

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Entrepreneur | CTO Factorial42

John Kang

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Founder and CEO of Reasi

Kyle Swafford

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Serial Entrepreneur

Jean-Claude Francitti

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CEO of Archemy & Professor of Computer Science at NYU

David Dowling

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Co-founder & Managing Director Propellant Labs

Gene Swank

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Co-founder & Managing Director Propellant Labs




Los Angeles, CA

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