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Start your business in our global community

Why Us

BAANDA helps small businesses flourish by providing end-to-end solutions


BAANDA enables users to co-create and join multiple communities

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BAANDA manages specialized services focusing on Clean Energy

BAANDA will adapt to your needs over time

About Us


Baanda is a software platform that harnesses the power of community. Our enhanced interface for small businesses gives users an umbrella application that does everything from managing your finances, scheduling your staff, booking your services, selling and marketing your products to a targeted community, and much much more all in a simple cohesive design. 


Using AI and reputation scores, Baanda, will, over time, help individuals make connections, get jobs, find friends, do crowdfunding, find housemates, etc. When you find your people and you're doing things that you love, then life is good.


Beta version launching NOW

BAANDA aims to improve people's lives.

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2019 Semifinalist
Most Fundable Company


2021 Semifinalist
American Made Solar Prize Software Track

Awards & Recognition

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