The Technology

Phase 1 – Launch evolving functional product 

Early 2019



Baanda is currently in full force development mode as we endeavor to launch a functional product in late 2018. The intricacies and tooling behind the scenes are enormous. We are building our future-facing platform on MERNNED (MERN + NED).


  • M – MongoDB NoSQL database

  • E –  Express lean web server framework

  • R –  React-Redux open source Javascript library maintained by Facebook

  • N – Node runtime environment that can run Javascript

  • N – Neo4J (graph database)

  • E –  Ethereum blockchain

  • D – Dialogflow [] Google-backed NLP engine


And deploy a plug-and-play micro-services-based system on cloud platforms including Heroku/AWS, Ethereum Net and MLab. 



Phase 2 and Beyond  


The technology stack will evolve and include emerging frontiers. We will continue to fold-in functionality and services to best satisfy our users through periodic releases.


Cooperation requires inter-human chemistry, communication and trust. In Phase 2 and Beyond, Baanda will make cooperation between people easy and will reduce legal and bureaucratic hassles. Here is what we intend to accomplish:


  • Learn about and understand every individual user in a continuum. Starting with traditional machine learning via big-data, we will progress to more advanced AI techniques such as Causal Inference.

  • Develop and maintain all-purpose reputation scores for each individual or entity. Individuals will be in control of their own information and can decide when and whom to show it to. Your reputation score will give you an advantage in a multitude of situations when people know little or nothing about you.

  • Make all contracts and agreements formed in Baanda immutable via blockchain technology.

  • Create a natural language to programming language translator so that anyone can generate immutable contracts and place them in the blockchain without knowing how to code. Right now, less than 1% of the global population knows how to code in computer language and hiring someone to do it for you is expensive and time consuming.

  • Allow Individuals to chain contracts and documents together in a way that makes sense. Chained documents will have associated change logs and easy access.

  • Focus on each individual’s wellbeing and enable introspection. There will be no advertisements, no manipulation and no subliminal messaging in Baanda. To maintain privacy, Baanda will increase security via distributed processing and storage.

  • Adopt and adapt to the usage of IOT devices.

  • Associate human expertise with computer intelligence. Baanda does not intend to replace human intelligence with computer intelligence, but we endeavor to augment computer intelligence with human intelligence and expertise (i.e. IA – Intelligence Augmentation).


Partial List of Use Cases

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