Smart Contracts in Natural Language


Baanda allows any user(s) to create immutable and cooperatively authored intelligent event sensitive agreements, documents, and more in the Ethereum blockchain, by using natural language and artificial intelligence. With Baanda, the benefits of distributed apps are available to a distributed audience, not just a small technical elite.

Only 18.5 million people in the world can code, therefore….

99.5% of the world’s 3.5 billion internet users do not have access to the benefits of blockchain technology.


Right now, signed contracts start with expensive lawyers and end filed away in a database or drawer. More casual agreements fade away, or become misinterpreted as time passes. Baanda envisions a future where every signature, every record, every handshake is seamlessly propagated into the blockchain using one's native tongue and converted into an immutable and intelligent Smart Contract.

We will touch anyone making an agreement- across every industry (law, finance, real estate, freelancers, insurance, medical trials, peer, news verification) and individual life events (vital documents, for sale by owner, rentals/roommates, prenuptials, IOUs, etc).


The banyan trees, or Baanda, of the Kolkata Botanical Gardens are some of the largest living organisms in the world, distributing resources across acres and becoming stronger because of it. A banyan tree starts with a single trunk. Over time, it sends down roots from its branches to form more trunks, so that eventually the original truck is one of many.

We have the same philosophy for our organization and for the world. Baanda believes that our technology can level the balance of power around the world, increasing equity and well-being. Transparency and distribution will add stability where there is no infrastructure, bring accountability where there is corruption and give individuals power against corporations. As we start to think about agreements differently, we will start to think about trustworthiness differently-

Baanda is the future of cooperation, agreement making and a new definition of trust.


Our innovative business solution provides an abstraction layer between people and technology to make it easy and simple to use and thereby disrupt the current inner workings that prevail in today’s corporate-centric society.

An adult makes 35,000 decisions each day. Many of those decisions are collaborative in nature.

Every such collaborative decision made with others is an opportunity for Baanda.


By enabling peer-to-peer immutable, reference-able, and event-based deal making at a minute fraction of prevailing cost and time is the fundamental driving force behind our innovative business solution. Our solution also reduces reliance on traditional centralized institutions, effectively reducing their power to enable trust via control, and further democratizing the society.

Smart Contracts will change the very fabric of human society, commerce, governance, social-interactions and social psychology especially when they become be a tool for everyday people.

#smartcontracts #ethereum #blockchain #naturallangauge #artificialintelligence

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